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Teeth whitening is a procedure that uses a special chemical compound called hydrogen peroxide to remove stains and aesthetically displeasing discolorations from your teeth. There is a wide variety of whitening products and treatments out there that claim to whiten your teeth. Such products include take-home LED kits, toothpastes rich in fluoride, strips and even pens.

None of the above mentioned items actually contain any or enough of the special hydrogen peroxide compound to whiten your teeth to a noticeable degree. This is because from a legal standpoint, hydrogen peroxide is only allowed to be prescribed by GDC registered dentists and therefore is not available to general consumers.

Harley Smile ® is a special teeth whitening technology developed by Harley Dentist that makes use of hydrogen peroxide composites and a special LED light. Being a CQC registered clinic with GDC registered dentist, we are proud to offer The Harley Smile teeth whitening treatment package at our Harley Street facility. This package uses the Harley Technology.

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Harley Smile ® uses light activated technology for better teeth whitening results.


Initial Consultation with a GDC Dentist

The Pain free

The process starts with you booking a dental appointment. Once you have booked your appointment, we will notify you via email and SMS to make sure you don’t forget about it.

If this is your first teeth whitening experience you will have to take a separate general consult appointment first. This will ensure you get the best possible results from the teeth whitening treatment. No worries, if for any reason you are deemed unsuitable you get a full refund.

When you come in, the dentist will apply an advanced bleaching gel to your teeth, whilst also using a special blue laser. These two elements combined enhance the whitening process giving immediate results and improving your smile. The whole teeth whitening process may take up to 60 minutes and is completely pain free.


60 minutes doesn’t have to be long. It’s your time to relax while watching a large selection of shows on Netflix or tune- in to your favorite Music with our Bang & Olufsen surround sound!

Treatment types
In Clinic Treatment

If you decide to have your teeth whitening carried out in the dental clinic we will do the full treatment for you using our Harley Technology, which uses LED light to accelerate the teeth whitening process. The teeth whitening treatment only takes about an hour or so of actual treatment to get immediate results and have a truly brighter smile for a prolonged period of time!

The In Clinic Treatment is available at only £ 199

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At Home Treatment

If you decide on using a Home Whitening Kit, we will give you a custom fit tray that you will be able to use on your own, once per day, for periods ranging from 2 to 8 hours. For the best results, you should sleep with your teeth custom fit tray overnight. Further information will be available to you, over the telephone or when you come in for a consult.

The Take Home Kit treatment is available at only £ 149

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Teeth whitening £ 499 - NOW ONLY £ 199

Package includes:

Initial consultation

Basic health check

Bleaching gel (3 times)

Harley Smile treatment (3 times)

Treatment applied by a GDC dentist

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£ 199
If bought before

NOW ONLY £ 149

Package includes:

Initial consultation

Basic health check

8 hours at home treatment

Harley Smile custom fit tray and take home gel

Prolonged results

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